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Risk Managed Marketing

Risk Sharing with an Ad Agency?

MKTworks, Inc. has pioneered sharing risk with clients. This is possible because of our ability to measure every aspect of the marketing mix through the application of quantitative marketing.

Compensation Method


Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

Media Commission Agency

Paid on variable percentage of media billings (historically 15 percent)

Conflict of Interest, promotes potential excessive/inappropriate media usage

Fixed Fee

Paid hourly rate(s) for time spent by individual resources

Hard to track value for money (clients complain of overcharging)

Time & Materials

Paid fees and commissions sometimes split by commission & services (fees for services and commissions for media)

Hard to track value and conflict of interest

Risk Managed Marketing

Paid based on achievement of ROI goals and other agency performance criteria

Provides best value for money and ensures no conflict of interest

Contact us to learn more about our risk sharing approach to compensation.

Take advantage of Marketing Works’ experience with research to mitigate risk to your marketing strategy, maximize brand alignment and produce measurable outcomes.

Important trend: the growth of non-routine knowledge work

Anything manual or cognitive that is routine will be automated

Businesses today operate in markets that are increasingly complex and volatile, and today’s knowledge workers face a growing onslaught of information, interruptions and competitive forces. Business leaders are under intense pressure to increase the productivity of knowledge workers and achieve business results.

Winning in the face of these challenges requires relentless innovation and collaboration between social media marketing and the corporate structure to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse and mobile workforce. In this age of rapid adoption of smart technology, the Internet of Things and the increasing digital distraction a new approach to enterprise marketing is desperately needed… a strategy for marketing innovation and effectiveness referred to as “Risk-Managed Marketing.”